Software developer in London


I have over 12 years of industry experience in software development gained through my work within a fashion media startup, global branding agency, a national media company, an e-commerce startup and an IT services provider.

I can happily design software systems which meets the needs of the business. Code logic for the back-end solving problems in a pragmatic and maintainable way. Turn designs in to functional, responsive templates. And provision Linux servers to host applications.


Acceptance test with Nightmare, Mocha and Chai




Business of Fashion site image

Business of Fashion

Subscription based fashion media platform.

As a senior software engineer in the top of funnel product team, my responsibilities include the design and implementation of software systems using the C4 model, domain driven design, command query responsibility segregation, Symfony, PHP7, MySQL, Elasticsearch and Behat.

Sectetsales site image


E-commerce site for luxury products with a flash sales element.

I was involved in the development of new and existing features for the customer facing site, CMS, CRM and blog.

Brandunion site image


Global branding and creative agency site

Built with Laravel 5 and Wordpress. As the clients were familiar with the Wordpress CMS interface, I created a headless Wordpress instance with an REST API feeding the data to the Laravel front-end application.

I utilised software design patterns (repository pattern, SOLID principles) in order to decouple the business logic from the Laravel framework. This was done to make the framework upgrade or migration easier in the future.

The parent house site image

The Parent House

A charity providing guidance and training courses to enhance the opportunities of parents and their children.

I was responsible for the integration of Concrete5 CMS, which included the set up of editable content areas and created forms for entry of custom data sets.

Chef logo

Migration to Chef

Chef and Vagrant were used to create and manage the development virtual machines for the team.

After a year of Puppet and PuPHPet, I became frustrated with sudden provision errors and difficulties in the creation of configuration for bespoke systems and niche tools. After research in to alternatives, Chef was chosen. I found configuration management by Ruby code easier to understand and faster to develop. With good resources and large community for support.

More projects
Advent International site image

Advent International

A global private equity firm with managed assets of $32 billion.

I was responsible for the set up of Wordpress CMS and development of custom plugins, with a focus on maintainable and secure code. Also assessed the code quality of user contributed plugins prior to installation.

Puppet logo image

Puppet and Vagrant managed development environment

Puppet with PuPHPet and Vagrant were used to manage the virtual machines within the team

I researched and presented the advantages of a consistent and maintainable development environment within a team. And introduced the use of Vagrant with Puppet and PuPHPet to create and manage a LAMP based development environment.

Mail classified home page image

Mail classified

Responsive site to promote the advantages of classified advertising with the Daily Mail newspapers.

As a lead developer on this project, I worked on the front-end and back-end of the site using PHP with Zend Framework, MySQL, Javascript, CSS with Sass and HTML.

Metro document hub site image

Metro Document Hub

Document management system for the Metro newspaper.

As a lead developer on this project, I worked on the front-end and back-end of site using PHP with Zend Framework, MySQL, Backbone.js, CSS and HTML. Lucene is used to provide full-text search and ranked results. Backbone.js is used to interact with the search API and to display results as the user type in their search query.

CBRE Brand position site


Site to inform the worldwide team members about the ethos of CBRE - worlds leading commercial property and real estate services adviser.

I was responsible for the front-end build with HTML, CSS, Javascript and back-end build with PHP and Eloquent ORM.

dmgt home site image


Employee resource for news, policies and announcements within DMGT.

I built the website, Adobe Air desktop app and mobile app for iOS and Android. PhoneGap was used to package the application for iOS and Android. Adobe Air was used to create a cross platform desktop application.

spotify app image

Spotify Album Cover App

Spotify desktop app which enabled users to see large album covers for their currently playing track.

Personal project I used to learn and experiment with the Spotify API and Zend Framework 2.

Mail classified home page image

Find 5, Metro tablet game

Very popular game for the Metro tablet app.

Built with HTML, CSS and Javascript to run on the App Studio Platform.

metro spotify site image

Metro Spotify

Metro competition site sponsored by Spotify. Users were able to select a song from a memorable moment via a Spotify API integration.

I created a responsive template with HTML and CSS.

metro m.i.b site image

Metro M.I.B

Metro competition site to promote the release of the Men In Black film.

I was responsible for the creation of responsive templates with HTML and CSS and various interactive functionalities with Javascript.